Richard Gardner Jr Memorial Fund

Keeping Children Smiling since 1995

Richard Gardner Jr Memorial Toy Drive

Our 24th Annual Toy Drive was a Success!

Thank You to Our Donors!



We are always in need of toy donations, and we are asking for additional help this year (2019). 

Please help us keep the kids smiling!


In memory of a young Police Officer we have been donating toys at Christmas time to sick and under-privileged children since 1995.  We search for those in need or families having difficult times and try to make their holidays a little happier.

Since 1995, our organization has held Christmas parties with sick and under-privileged children, donating thousand's of toys.

Every year we reach out to countless of under-privileged families, sick children in the hospital on Christmas Eve, under-privileged day care centers, children without families (children services), organizations assisting families of domestic violence, under-privileged churches and children who have parents that are unfortunately sick.

All of this would not have been possible without our generous donations, people throughout the boroughs who have graciously donated generously to our organization.  Please visit our Past Events page to see some of our pictures.  Thank You.


Christmas is a time for bringing a smile to a child’s face. Unfortunately, there are some people who spend so little time on this earth to experience such pleasures.


 In memory of Richard Gardner Jr., a New York City Police Officer who was accidentally killed in 1995, we are reaching out to you, for children who need us at Christmas time.  Richard was a twenty four year old officer who was dedicated to his family and his career.  If there was anyone who didn’t want to see a child go without, it was Richard.


 In making this toy drive a success for yet another year, we need your help. If you would like to make a donation please contact us at (718) 981-2016, (718) 273 9386 or


In advance, the family of Richard Gardner Jr., would like to thank you, not only for your kindness and generosity, but your help in keeping his memory alive for yet another year.


The Richard Gardner Jr. Memorial Toy Drive has been running since 1995.  After Officer Gardner passed away, his family began collecting toys in his name for sick and underprivileged children throughout Staten Island and Manhattan.  Over the years, we’ve donated 1,000’s toys and we will continue, to keep these children smiling.  Our toys have been distributed to hospitals, housing facilities, underprivileged day care centers, underprivileged families, children of the men and women in Iraq and families of disasters.

We also remember Police Officers, Matthew Dziergowski and Monica Jesselli of the 123rd Precinct, and Gerard Carter of South Beach Housing.





The Richard Gardner Jr Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization.


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