Thank You for Your Generosity 



We would like to thank some of those who have been with us over the past years...


Thank you to all of our family and friends, especially Joe Frosch and all of our friends at the (NYPD) 123rd Precinct.


120th Precinct

Community Affairs


Academy of St Dorothy

Sister Sharon McCarthy

Mrs Regina Rebovich


Holy Rosary Church

Father Michael Martine


Holy Rosary School

Mrs Ann Major

Mrs Rosalie Cerrachio


South Shore Dance Academy

3829 Richmond Ave

Staten Island, NY

Mrs. Heidi Cangiarella


Councilman Steve Matteo and Friends


Sgarlato & Sgarlato PPLC

Gina Benfante & Friends

1444 Clove Road

Staten Island, NY


Our Friends at St. Peter's Boys High School



Brothers Entertainment

Stephen & Anthony Caruso


Music to the Max (M2M)

Danny Estrella & Chris Liconti



Castleton Corners Pub

1815 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY


Pioneer Bus Service

1815 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY


George's Twister Sisters

1148 South Railroad Ave

Staten Island, NY


Staten Island Region Antique Automobile Club of America

St. Pauls School of Nursing

Elizabeth N. Braun, MS, RN

Dean of Nursing


Eggers Nursing Home


O'Connor Sports & Spine

1274 Richmond Ave

Staten Island, NY


Kiberski Family


Cake Chef

957 Jewett Ave

Staten Island, NY



Royal Crown

1352 Hylan Blvd

Staten Island, NY




1250 Hylan Blvd

Staten Island, NY



Italianissimo Restaurant

107 McClean Ave

Staten Island, NY



The Hilton Garden

Lorenzo's Restaurant

1100 South Ave

Staten Island, NY



Nino's Restuarant

1110 Hylan Blvd

Staten Island, NY



Es-Ca Restaurant

1159 Richmond Road

Staten Island, NY



Pasticceria Bruno

1650 Hylan Blvd

Staten Island, NY



Richmond Discount Appliances

6308 Amboy Road

Staten Island, NY


St. Joseph Hill Academy

Angela Martucci


Nets Basketball, New Jersey Devils, New York Knicks, Staten Island Yankees, New York Jets, New York Giants