Richard Gardner Jr.

 Richard  Gardner Jr was born on June 7, 1971. He started his elementary  education at the Academy of St. Dorothy, the school that both his sister  and father attended as well. Richard graduated the eight grade and went  on to complete his high school education at St. Peters High School for  Boys. He attended St. Johns University where graduated with a Bachelors  degree. There he majored in criminal justice and was also a NYPD Cadet  in his last two years of college. Richard completed the NYPD Academy in  March of 1994. The 123rd Precinct, Tottenville, Staten Island was  Richard’s first and only precinct in which he worked. He worked in the  Youth Division, something he loved. Being there to help a child in need  was when Richard felt his best.

Before we tell a little  about Richard, we would like to extend a Thank You to the 123rd Precinct  during the time Richard worked there. Also for all of their support  throughout the years.

First and foremost, Richie loved his  family. Without hesitation, he would be there whenever they needed him,  no matter the time or day. His friends were amazed at how proud he was  to be a part of his family and how much he cared for them. He never  missed a chance to say, “I love you Ma”, to his mother, or kiss his  sister with such loved warmth. He was proud of himself but never  boasted, one of the things he learned from his father. He never took for  granted the brotherhood he built with his brother-in-law who was  nothing less than a brother to Richie. And lastly, anyone who knew him  could tell you that his two nieces were his world. He reprimanded,  spoiled, but Uncle “Chich” loved them without limits. A family man  Richie was, a family man we’ll always remember him to be.

At the  mere age of 24, Richard had more friends and accomplished more then so  many people do in a lifetime. Taking it for granted was something he  never did. His friends know how much they meant to him. And even till  this day they’ll still say they always knew they had a true “brother” in  Richie.

Whether it was buying a new one, fixing them or just  driving them, Richie loved cars. He always had the newest one out there.  Richie knew he was lucky to have such great cars, he cleaned and fixed  them up to be “perfect”. He would let you take it for a ride only if you  were careful and kept it clean. Richie’s cars were his escape and he  was proud of how he kept them brand new.

When Richie entered the  123rd Precinct and became on of New York’s Finest, he opened a new  chapter in his life. He found his true brothers, guys that were there  for each other, anytime, any day. All of them defined the word friend  and fellow officer in every way. This, Richie said was the best part of  his job. Another thing Richie realized when he was placed in the Youth  Division in the precinct was his desire to help children. Old, young,  rich, or poor, Richie wanted to help all of them, which is why he  requested a spot in the youth division. Though he was still a rookie  when he passed, he was able to help so many children in so many ways.  And this, Richie said, “made it all worth it”.

When Richie  passed away, all who knew and loved him knew it could not be the end of  him. There was no way they could let his memory fade. And so, because of  his desire to help kids, to keep his memory alive, a fellow officer,  Joe Frosch, started a toy drive in his name. Words cannot express our  feelings for what Officer Frosch did. After that year, the family, with  the help of Officer Frosch and the 123rd Precinct the Richard Gardner Jr  Toy Drive was started. With the help of all who have donated their  time, money or a single toy, we now have kept Richie’s memory alive  since 1995!

So, on behalf of our beloved son, brother and uncle,  we would like to Thank all of You from the bottom of our hearts. For  this toy drive would never have been possible without you. You have made  a memory last for years to come!

This is all for you, “Chich”, we all hope your proud and smiling down! 

Richard Gardner Jr, June 7, 1971 - October 31, 1994

First & Second Toy Drive

Our first annual toy drive


Our First Annual Toy Drive that was all started by the Officers of the 123rd Precinct and PO Joe Frosch.  Staten Island Advance 1995

Our second annual toy drive


Our Second Annual Toy Drive that we, the family took over and kept it going.   Staten Island Advance 1996